About Speak out!

What is it?

At Speak out! young people without a residence permit can discuss issues that are important to them, obtain information to answer their questions (apprenticeship, work, language courses, etc.), meet other young people, have someone listen to their common concerns, and take part in cool activities.


Speak out! never shares the names or contacts of participants with other people!



Contact us by phone or Whatsapp on 079 640 29 76 or by email at speakout@sajv.ch


How much does it cost?

Participation is free. We can pay your ticket for the tram or bus. A lunch

is always provided by Speak out!


When is it?

We meet every 2 weeks in Basel. Meetings are held every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Who is it for?

Young people between 15–25 from the Basel region who do not have a residence permit.


Who organizes it?

The National Youth Council of Switzerland (Schweizer Jugendverband – SAJV, sajv.ch) organizes Speak Out! The contact point for Sans-Papiers Basel (www.sans-papiers.ch) supports SAJV to offer Speak out! Helen Joss and David Villiger prepare the meetings and arrange the workshops with the participants.


Which languages?

We speak German, English, French, and Spanish if required. The workshops mostly take place in German or English. We are happy to translate for you – come on over.

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