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Youth Session - the starting point to a political career

Youth Session

200 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 gather at the Federal palace for the annual Youth Session, where they discuss current political issues.
Action 72 hours - turn Switzerland upside down!

Action 72 hours

More than 28'000 children and youth join the race against the clock and put their own charitable projects into practice - within 72 hours!

The SNYC - let's give young people a voice

The Swiss National Youth Council SNYC is the umbrella organization of about 65 youth organizations in Switzerland and represents their interests in the public arena. The SNYC offers services to its members and ensures a transfer of knowledge.

Our core business is youth policy. We work for the interests of the young generation both on national and international levels. Through our projects in domains such as politics, volunteering, health and integration, we offer young people the opportunity to be active and to learn important new skills. 

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