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Speak out!

Participation of unaccompanied, minor migrants in social discourse in Switzerland

In the year 2010, more then 200 MNA (mineurs non accompagnés – Children and youth who arrive in the country unaccompanied by their parents or other legal representatives) have applied for asylum in Switzerland. The project „Speak Out!“ aims to give these kids a voice and to raise awareness of their situation and their lives here in Switzerland. These young migrants take part in advocacy activities, shape and develop their social skills and their knowledge about the functioning of the Swiss administrative system. Since its launch in 2009, more than 40 young migrants living in 5 different Swiss cantons have taken part in activities such as the Youth Session or Action 72 hours and exchanged opinions with representatives from politics and administration.


Social Policy

Equal opportunities for all children and youth The SNYC social policy ideal is equal opportunity. Through political lobbying, projects and structural advances, the SNYC want to enable all young people to participate in the activites of youth organizations and society as a whole.

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Georgiana  Ursprung - Project director Speak out!

Georgiana Ursprung

Project director Speak out!
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