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It can be difficult for young people without a residence permit to have access to everyday leisure facilities and services due to police checks or social isolation. Just as in other population groups, there are also people who have a low income.

If this affects you, the following tips that we compiled together in our workshops may help you.

Cooking and eating

You can get delicious, cheap food or even have the chance to cook it yourself at the following places:

Zur Bleibe  (every Tuesday and Friday afternoon)

Capribar  (every Friday evening)

Schlossgasse  (every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon)

Soup’n’Chill  (open daily) Speciality: Guests do their own cooking!

Gassenküche Basel  (open daily in the morning and evening)

Café Elim (open daily)

You can buy cheap groceries at Caritas Markt .

Once, again – check the times before you go! The times stated on this website may not be up to date.


Medical care

Everyone has a right to emergency care and must be treated in hospital even if he/she cannot bear the costs. But this is true only if the doctors treating the medical problem class it as an emergency (life-threatening situations or injuries or illnesses that must be treated urgently). If it’s not an emergency, please call the contact point for Sans-Papiers (061 683 04 21) before visiting the hospital.

For advice in emergencies, please call the Medical Emergency Center (061 261 15 15).

Condoms are available free of charge from the following organizations: Schwarzer Peter, Planet 13 (“mama africa”), Aidshilfe beider Basel. You can find the full address in the “Addresses” section.

Leisure facilities

Free and alternative leisure facilities in the Basel region are many and varied. Take a look and find the right service for you!

  • At the following link you can download a book (Bleibeguide Basel) which will help you find low price leisure facilities in Basel.
  • There are also many helpful tips on this website.

Learn German

If you are new to Basel or would like to improve your German, there are free German courses available at a number of places (e.g. at Planet 13 (“mama africa”) or Freiplatzaktion ). We also speak German regularly at Speak out! Speak out! is also a great way to meet new people.

It’s best to get the information directly from the following local organizations or even better from their website / by phone. Otherwise you risk turning up and the doors are closed. The course times change regularly.


You can also find cheap or free clothes at Schwarzer Peter . Cheap clothes are also available at the Caritas shop or in the two Red Cross shops. There are also many second-hand shops in Basel where you can find clothes.


You can use the Internet free of charge at the following organizations: Schwarzer Peter, Planet 13 («mama africa»), migranten helfen migranten. You can find the full address in the “Addresses” section.

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