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General OSCE information

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) takes a comprehensive approach to security. Rather than limiting its involvement to traditional military security, it looks at other areas or “dimensions”: Lasting security cannot be guaranteed when rivers are contaminated, people cannot enjoy their rights, minorities are excluded, or trafficking in human beings, drugs, and weapons thrives. To pave the way for peace and stability, the OSCE works in the following fields:

  • Politico-military dimensions: arms control, countering transnational threats including terrorism, ensuring border security, preventing and resolving conflicts, carrying out military reform, and policing.

  • Economic and environmental dimension: promotion of economic co-operation and development, sustainable use of natural resources, facilitation of ecologically friendly ways to dispose of hazardous waste, shared use of natural resources, and responsible governance.

  • Human dimension: advocating respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; assisting in holding elections, dispatching election observers to participating States, promoting gender equality, media freedom, minority rights, rule of law, tolerance, non-discrimination, and combating human trafficking.

Further information on OSCE’s activities and topics can be found on the OSCE homepage:

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