Speak out! MNA

Every year dozens of underage asylum seekers (“Mineurs non-accompagnés” or “MNA” in French – unaccompanied minors) arrive in Switzerland without a legal representative and apply for asylum. During their time in Switzerland they scarcely have an opportunity to explain the difficulties they have faced or to make their voice heard. This means that their participation rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child are not guaranteed.

In 2010 the National Youth Council of Switzerland therefore launched the “Speak out!” project to give MNA the chance to participate in advocacy activities and develop their social skills. Since then the project participants have been able to attend regular workshops to meet with young politicians and representatives of the Federal authorities, the police and many others to discuss their problems. Members of “Speak out!” have also taken part in events such as the youth session held at the Swiss parliament or the “72 hours initiative” and so had various opportunities to expand their network of social contacts.

Give young migrants a voice!

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