Speak out! “Sans-papiers”

Several thousand undocumented migrants (“Sans-Papiers”) live in Switzerland. During their time in Switzerland they scarcely have an opportunity to explain the difficulties they have faced, to describe the day-to-day challenges they currently experience, or to make their voice heard. This means that their participation rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child are not guaranteed. For this reason, the National Youth Council of Switzerland (SAJV / CSAJ) launched the “Speak out!” Sans-Papiers project. Speak out! gives young undocumented migrants the opportunity to speak out and to express their needs. A protected space has also been created by “Speak out!” to enable young undocumented migrants to exchange their ideas. Speak out! does not take a particular stance on undocumented migrants, it simply creates a platform to promote the participation of these young people. The project is run in accordance with the participative methods of the National Youth Council of Switzerland’s sister project, “Speak out! MNA”, which has been running successfully since 2010. It consists of workshops on activities related to advocacy, political education and social exchange. The activities will initially take place in Basel during the current pilot phase.

Mathilde Hofer

Mathilde Hofer

Project manager Speak out!


031 326 29 46


Ce projet est soutenu par le crédit de la Confédération destiné à l’intégration et dans le cadre de la loi sur l’encouragement de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (LEEJ)

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