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We make Democracy! - Academy

International training journey for youth workers and youth activists from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Quick facts

  • 9 countries 
  • 11 partners 
  • 40 participants 
  • 2 years 
  • 9 modules


  • skill training for youth workers 
  • tool-kit with developed learning elements, session plans and much more 
  • intercultural & peer2peer learning  
  • learning journals 
  • (re)connecting Swiss youth with the diaspora


Focus points

The training journeys focus is twofold: on one hand the participants explore different topics interlinked with democracy, such as power structures, freedom of media, peace building and much more. On the other hand, the modules are designed in a way that they provided the learning opportunity around the methodological skills in working with youth through reflections from a trainer’s perspective and the development of the academies own learning materials. The participants by the end of the journey are equipped to train themselves youth confidently in societal topics to empower them to be active citizens and impact their local realities.  

9 modules are foreseen for the duration of two years. Those will be carried out in cooperation within the partners network fostering intercultural learning and intercultural exchange through exploring unknown realities. In every module new learning material around the topic at hand will be developed so that by the end of the project a peer tested toolkit is assembled.  

New modules will be announced here, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @wemakedemocracy!