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Networked and committed

The SNYC engages in politics in the interest of its members. Thanks to its network, the SNYC voices the concerns of its member organisations to the relevant authorities in the Swiss Confederation.

The SNYC is recognised as the umbrella organisation of youth associations and as the ­mouthpiece of young people at federal level. It maintains close contacts ­with the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO), which is responsible for youth policy at federal level. It also cooperates closely with other federal offices that have ­youth programmes in their area of responsibility (e.g. health, migration). It has a seat in the most important political committees and is networked with members of parliament of all parties. The SNYC also has a seat in NGO networks and is closely intertwined with them.

Within this network, it advocates the interests of its members and the young generations in Switzerland. Thus, the SNYC lobbies for strong and sustainable youth promotion, the recognition of volunteer work and ­against ineffective and non-targeted conditions for youth work, etc.

Political successes

The SNYC has notched up successes, for example, with the creation (1989) and total revision (2011) of the youth promotion legislation, the creation of youth leave (1991), and in ­youth-oriented prevention measures as part of the Federal Office of Public Health’s (FOPH) National Alcohol Programme (2008).