We make Democracy
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We make Democracy

Exchange Meeting: We make Democracy! Youth for participation and inclusion 15– 20. September 2019, Richterswil


We want to make a change and explore ways to access democracy for all!

Youth organisations and society as a whole can only benefit from their active members being as diverse as possible. Unfortunately, there are still different groups of youth facing barriers to access Youth Organisations and participate in democratic processes.

While the Exchange Meeting is addressing manifold underrepresented groups, a special emphasis is made to use the synergies between Switzerland, the Western Balkans/Moldova and its diaspora in Switzerland in order to support intercultural understanding youth work.

The Exchange meeting is aiming to improve the inclusiveness of youth organisations in Switzerland and the Western Balkans/Moldova through decreasing prejudices against marginalized or underrepresented groups.  The activity is focussing on the exchange of knowledge as well as capacity building on inclusive participation by the involved participants, leading to strengthening the network and building sustainable cooperation. The activity is lead by an international group of youth workers with expertise on intercultural understanding, non-discrimination and active citizenship for all.

Interested? To find more information about the project and how to apply as a participant, go to:

Application for Non-Swiss Residents


Application for Swiss Residents