72 hours initiative

The next 72 hours initiative will take place in 2020.

Enthusiasm, commitment and solidarity – that is the spirit of the 72 hours initiative. Everybody pitches in – and Switzerland goes wild!

The idea is as simple as it is alluring: youth groups from all over Switzerland carry out charitable and innovative projects for a period of exactly 72 hours, finding unconventional new ways to do so. Whether renovating a youth centre, building a halfpipe or staging a theatre production with people with disabilities – the possibilities are endless. With great energy, children and young people tackle projects that people would otherwise not take on. They show that with perseverance, a talent for improvisation and teamwork, you can really help others.

The 72 hours initiative kicks off with a race against the clock. Without any money, youth groups from associations, migrant organisations, sports clubs and open youth work instead apply ingenuity to put their practical and extraordinary ideas into practice. In order for this to succeed, the groups rely on support from the public.

The 72 hours initiative takes place for a period of exactly three days when:

  • around 25,000 to 30,000 children and young people are all hard at work at the same time across the whole of Switzerland
  • 450 charitable, extraordinary and adventurous ideals become a reality
  • thousands of members of the general public spontaneously decide to join in
    more than one million hours of volunteer work are completed in the space of one weekend
Marcel Urquizo

Marcel Urquizo

project manager voluntary work

031 326 29 45

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